Two bodies have been found in woods near Belfast City Centre, this exclusive report indicates that the bodies are that of Adam Hunt (aka Zero Tolerance) and Jessica Harrington. Jessica was kidnapped recently and had been missing for over four weeks. Authorities have released a statement stating that it appears that Jessica was murdered by Adam Hunt before he committed suicide. This is a shocking end for close family, workers and friends of Jessica, who have been looking in vain for her since her abduction.

The reporter also claims that a terrible hoax online video was released, authorities have reviewed the recording and have dismissed this as nothing more than a tasteless parody, those of which have risen in popularity over the last year.

It is still unknown as to the motive behind the kidnapping and the killing, but some have claimed it was an act of jealous rage as both where ex-lovers when on a gap year in the past, a close source said that the relationship had been short lived but intense.

This is a sad ending for the life of a talented and confident young women, which had much to look ahead too and was admired by family and friends. Everyone's thoughts are with them at this time.

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