Zero Tolerance called out his most loyal followers after he discovered information as to where he believed Jessica was being held. The events unfolded as players around the world watched the live broadcast. The most loyal supporters throughout the game where chosen to help him in this final mission.

The chosen players included:-

  • Conman
  • Ms G. Gemski
  • Willy the Wonka Mac
  • Lorenzo Dolaz


- Robert Watt is found out to be the head of Pharmucom

- Jess looks like she has been in on it the whole time – she is linked with Pharmucom

- We find out that Zero Tolerance is also Adam Hunt, who Jess went on her gap year with

- Jess tells Zero Tolerance (adam) that her kidnapping had been a set up to lead Zero Tolerance straight to Pharmucom and that she has been working with Pharmucom to help them with Project Black Helix

- Zero Tolerance tries to convince Jess not to help Pharmucom

- Jess explains how Zero Tolerances (Adam) genetic make-up is the key for completing Project Black Helix and they will be taking a blood sample with or without his consent

- Robert Watt tells Zero Tolerance that by finishing Project Black Helix that they can control people, that interrogations will be a thing of the past, and that Pharmucom will now have unlimited power.

- Robert Watt gets the Armucom guards to kill Zero Tolerance, and another gun shot was fired in the direction of Jess and Robert Watt

- Robert tells Armucom to get the other four blindfolded people, put them in the van, clean up the warehouse and dispose of the bodies

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