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Live Interrogation - 17.03.11


Zero Tolerance informed players that he had been the mysterious figure who had captured the mysterious wounded man at the shoot out at Bells Docks Belfast. He appealed to his followers for help in questioning the man by asking them to submit interrogation questions before he broadcast the interrogation live online.

The live broadcast revealed that Pharmucom (in conjunction with Armucom) had been working on a Top Secret Project called Black Helix. Robert Watt was transporting a serum to do with the project the night of the incident at Bells Docks, the shoot out was a double cross that went horribly wrong.

Although no information about Jessica was uncovered, the project symbol on the front of Project Black Helix documents was the same as the tattoo seen on Jessica's kidnapper's hand. Players started speculating as to what the project wanted with Jessica or her research.

Zero Tolerance streamed the live interrogation online to members at

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