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Shoot Out at Docks - 12.03.11


On arrival to a webcam page on Bells docks, a message popup appeared from Zero Tolerance redirecting the players to a secret video feed on Once in they saw shocking and disturbing events unfold that evening.

The video showed two men entering the docks on a small speedboat. One man was later identified at Professor Robert Watt of UKSRI with the other man appearing to be a bodyguard. Robert Watt appeared to be carrying a briefcase and where ambushed by unidentified assailants. The whole confrontation ended in a bloody shoot out seemingly leaving both ambushers dead.

Eagle eyed players had spotted one of the ‘dead’ men being dragged off screen by a man in a hood towards the end of the web cam feed.

Players were curious as to what was in the bag – was it something to do with Jessica's research? Who were the men there to meet initially and what was the purpose of the meeting? Who was the man who took the body...and what did he want with it?

With two people dead, the seriousness and scope of Jessica's kidnapping was becoming more and more apparent daily. Zero Tolerance submitted a recording to his followers on

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