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Documents Uncovered - 06.03.11


24 hours ago documents were uncovered from a Parcel Vault account and have led to widespread conversation that Jessica Harrington had previously been heading to Belfast on 11 March, the reasons behind this trip are still unknown.

The documents uncovered were:-

  • An EasyJet booking form, from London Stansted to Belfast, departing 11 March 11 at 11:15 and arriving the same day
  • A Translink bus service timetable
  • A UKSRI invoice, with a Batch number (467) Order number (9087738)
  • A hand-drawn single stranded RNA sequence
  • A list of locations and dates
  • 1 CD, with the (fragmented) audio files of a call to a logistics company.


Today a digital download of these documents has been distributed by an unknown person. These files can be downloaded at the following address

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