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UKSRI Start Talking - 03.03.11


After a surge in emails regarding the kidnapping of Jessica Harrington being sent to UKSRI, seemingly being ignored, UKSRI released an official statement about the kidnapping on the 3rd March.

Players who had previously contacted UKSRI also received email's from Brandon Blake (Project Submissions Co-Ordinator at UKSRI) which mentioned the missing colleague. Players were soon discussing why the company was ignoring the kidnapping and why they were seemingly putting people off accessing Jessica's account, as it was now being monitored 24/7. A lead also arose pointing towards PharmuCom, a UKSRI sponsor; did they have some sort of involvement?


On Thursday night, Jessica Harrington, a 27yr old research student and beloved colleague here at UKSRI was abducted from her home. This harrowing incident was caught live on Jessica's video log.

Jessica's kidnapping is a situation you may already be aware of, as it has been heavily reported in news reports across the country after the video of the kidnapping was made available online.

UKSRI is currently working very closely with the authorities and helping as much as we can in order that Jessica be found safely. We would like to take this time to thank Pharmucom and our other partners for supporting UKSRI in our decision to focus our energy on helping the authorities and away from our research during this time.

Currently, UKSRI has no further information regarding Jessica's whereabouts or disappearance and recent security breaches on the UKSRI intranet including Jessica Harrington's account have also led the authorities into company wide investigations.

The authorities are continuing to investigate various leads into the disappearance, as well as monitoring all communication that takes place both to and from UKSRI.

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